join us on a food adventure throughout disney parks


Disney Grand Californian Hotel Napa Rose The Vintner's Table - Salad of Mediterranean Octopus

Growing up in LA, Disneyland has always been one of my favorite places. As a kid, it was the most magical place on earth, and that never changed as I grew up. But who says anybody has to grow up at Disneyland? Nonetheless, over the years, I began to appreciate Disneyland for more than just a place where I can run around and hang out with friends, but for its special attention to detail and rich history. Most of all, I have grown extremely fond of Disney food! Perhaps more like obsessed. As I love to eat and I love Disneyland, I think it works out just fine for me.

I am now a mommy of a nearly one year old baby (and a couple furry babies), and our family still spends a great amount of time at Disneyland. The convenience and comfort the parks provide parents of small infants (via the Baby Care Center) is beyond amazing. There is probably no other place like it in the world.

Being parents, and especially new parents, is both an extremely joyful and stressful endeavor. For us, Disneyland is our safe place to relax, unwind and to eat to our hearts’ content. It is truly a place where we can forget about our worries and our strife. With all of the delicious and creative food and snacks and the specially themed holiday eats, we are eating our way throughout Disney parks, and I invite you to join us over sideways and under on a magical ride!

Wherever we wander, wherever we roam, we couldn’t be fonder of our big home.