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Adventure Starts Here

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Disneyland Halloween Time 2017 Special Food - Schmoozies Mummy Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich

Welcome to our world of Disney food! Here at Eating at Disney, we take you through a journey of all the delicious food and snacks you can find at Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, and sometimes, other Disney parks. Because, well, eating at Disney parks is an adventure!

Where else can you start the day with a Mickey Waffle, stroll down Main Street, USA midday double fisting a churro and a turkey leg, rehydrate inside the Enchanted Tiki Room with a Dole Whip Float, enjoy a quiet evening dining at an award-winning restaurant with a one-of-a-kind tasting menu, and end the night with a bucket of popcorn watching fireworks over Sleeping Beauty’s Castle?

That is the reason why we love eating at Disney parks so much! With all the restaurants, eateries, snacks and dessert, there is always something new and different to satisfy our tummies. Then there are the specially themed food during the holidays that are served for a limited time. We want to eat it all!

If you love Disney, if you love food, and most of all, if you love eating at Disney parks, then we invite you to follow our blog for the latest Disney food adventures and reviews!

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