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Disneyland Halloween Time 2017 Special Food – Part II of III

Disneyland Halloween Time 2017 Special Food – Part II of III
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The eating adventures continue at Disneyland Halloween Time 2017 as we eat our way through the items from the Halloween Time Eats and Treats Galore. As before, the special menu items will be in orange, and regular menu items will be in purple.

At Disneyland, we ate Bison Blue Cheese Burger & Milk and Hunny Funnel Cake at Hungry Bear Restaurant. We also enjoyed Enchanted Maize Flatbread and Poutine Flatbread at Red Rose Tavern.

Over at Disney California Adventure, we devoured the Mummy Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich from Schmoozies, and enjoyed Mole Verde con Pollo and Agua de Jamaica Slush from Paradise Garden Grill. They are doing a special menu for the upcoming movie, Coco.

We also checked out the special effects on display at Guardians of the Galaxy, Monsters after Dark. It is not a ride for us, but our friends couldn’t wait to experience it. When we walked by during the day, the wait was 75 minutes so they passed on it hoping it would be shorter later; after dinner, it went up to 115 minutes. I guess next time!

Over at Cars Land, Mater’s Junkyard Jambooree has a cute mummified tractor. noad

Disneyland Halloween Time 2017 - Mater's Junkyard Jambooree
Disneyland Halloween Time 2017 – Mater’s Junkyard Jambooree


Disneyland Halloween Time Food

Bison Blue Cheese Burger (Halloween Special)

Rating: 3/5
Price: $10.99 (a la carte) | $12.99 w/slaw or fries | $13.49 w/onion rings
Location: Hungry Bears Restaurant | Critter Country (Disneyland)

The burger comes with candied bacon, sauteed mushrooms, baby kale and blue cheese tarragon sauce on a whole wheat ciabatta. None of us like blue cheese so we got it on the side. I’ve never had bison, and I decided that I do not like bison. It tastes gamey. It’s very lean though, and that I like. The candied bacon is quite good…crispy and sweet, but they give you a lot. The onion rings are super delicious. Nicely battered, crispy, and not too oily. The fries are normal. The ciabatta bread is perfectly toasted, soft and chewy. Overall, it’s actually a really good burger if you like all the ingredients. If I were to order it again, I would substitute for a regular burger patty.

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Milk and Hunny Funnel Cake (Halloween Special)

Rating: 4/5
Price: $7.49
Location: Hungry Bears Restaurant | Critter Country (Disneyland)

This funnel cake is one of the best I’ve had. It is topped with sweetened condensed milk, clover honey, edible flowers and whipped cream. The flowers are so cute, but they don’t taste like anything. The batter is the best batter I’ve had in a funnel cake. It’s very fluffy and chewy, and I like the dough to surface area ratio. Even though the dough is thick, it is cooked evenly all the way through. It is sprinkled with lemony sugar, which adds another dimension and texture to the ensemble. The combination of honey and condensed milk is pretty amazing; my only complaint is that it is too sweet, making it a bit of a challenge to finish after the burgers and sides.  I would say overall this is my second favorite funnel cake I’ve had, just behind the ones at Sea World, which come with soft serve ice cream!

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Enchanted Maize Flatbread (Halloween Special)

Rating: 4/5
Price: $9.49
Location: Red Rose Tavern | Fantasyland (Disneyland)

This is served with mozzarella, roasted corn, pickled red onions, parmesan, spicy lime aioli and chopped cilantro. We ordered it without onions and with the aioli on the side. This is a very tasty dish. There is no meat but I don’t always like meat on my flatbread or pizza so it’s perfect for me. I love the roasted corn and the cheese was just right. The spicy lime aioli is a normal spicy and a rich limey flavor. There isn’t anything super spectacular about this flatbread, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Poutine Flatbread (Regular Menu)

Rating: 3.5/5
Price: $9.49Location: Red Rose Tavern | Fantasyland (Disneyland)

Slow-cooked beef, pomme frites, roasted garlic aioli, cheese curds, gravy and herb oil. This is a decent item. The menu description does not say pickled onions but there it is. We would have ordered without had we known. It can be a little salty but overall has good flavor. I think the fries got a bit soggy after a while. The herb oil tastes similar to pesto.

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Disney California Adventure Halloween Time Food

Mummy Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich (Halloween Special)

Rating: 6/5
Price: $6.49
Location: Schmoozies | Hollywood Land (Disney California Adventure)

This is hands down my favorite item on the entire Halloween Time Eats and Treats Galore menu. I love macarons and I love sherbet, and Disneyland makes some serious macarons and they made our day with that giant scoop of rainbow sherbet. That is a regular Disneyland ice cream scoop. It looks nothing like the picture on the sign, and I think we sold 10 more for them parading it down the line that quickly formed behind us. However, you have to be lucky as our parade was then rained on when we ordered it again on a different day. The sherbet shrunk to the size as pictured on their sign. Utter disappointment. Also, this is an incredibly difficult item to get! First time they closed early, possibly due to rain (because no one eats macaron ice cream sandwiches when it rains?), and another time they sold out.

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Mole Verde con Pollo (Coco Special)

Rating: 5/5
Price: $11.99
Location: Paradise Garden Grill | Paradise Pier (Disney California Adventure)

Herb-braised chicken with golden rice, black beans and corn tortillas. This chicken is so good! Really juicy and tender, cooked to perfection. They piled on the mole verde so much that you can’t even see the chicken so you’ll have to take my word for it. It comes exactly as pictured. 😉 Be warned though, the mole is really spicy, and there is a lot of it. All the sides are normal and tasty.

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Agua de Jamaica Slush (Coco Special)

Disneyland Halloween Time 2017 - Paradise Garden Grill Agua de Jamaica Slush
Disneyland Halloween Time 2017 – Paradise Garden Grill Agua de Jamaica Slush

Rating: 1.5/5
Price: $5.49
Location: Paradise Garden Grill | Paradise Pier (Disney California Adventure)

This is a hard one to rate. It’s a hibiscus slush. The flavor is good, but it is so airy! When I first picked it up, I was surprised by its weight. The top half is just foam. I felt pretty gypped and it is definitely hard to consume when you keep getting hibiscus flavored air. Not satisfying at all, especially when you’re thirsty. If you wait an hour like we did, it will taste more normal. It was cold that night so it was still fine after a whole hour.

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